Five Positive Reasons for
Moving During the Holidays

It’s common for families to “wait until after the holidays” to move their elderly loved one to assisted or supportive living. They say, “I just want mom to have one more holiday in her home.”

I get it, there’s an overwhelming emotional attachment to the idea of home-for-the-holidays. And moving is extra work during an already busy season.

But, before you decide, here are five great reasons for making a move during the holidays.

Take Advantage of Festivities

Senior communities go all out for the holidays. There’s always extra entertainment, visitors, decorations, parties, and good food. It’s a perfect time for an older adult to join in on the activities and ‘find their tribe’. It’s easier to fit in and make new friends.

Get More Help with the Move

No doubt about it. Moving is work. Packing, moving, unpacking, and setting up. So, spread the “joy” with the whole family. Most likely you all have extra time off during the holidays. Out-of-town family and college students are visiting. Everyone can pitch in and help – “many hands make light work.”

More Vacancies & Discounts Available

Vacancies tend to stay open longer during the holiday season and communities will offer end-of-year discounts. Take advantage of waived fees and other potential discounts. January brings rent increases. Get in before rate go up.

Beat the After-Holiday Crowds

People have delayed moving until January so it’s a busy time of year for most senior living communities. It’s a well-known phenomenon that out of town family visit their elderly relatives for the holidays, realize help is needed, and go on a senior living shopping spree. You’ll find fewer vacancies, rarely any discounts, and rates have just gone up for the year.

Avoid Post-Holiday Blues

January often brings a bout of post-holiday blues. There’s a natural let down after all the frenzy of November and December, and the excitement of family gatherings. Help your older relatives avoid potential moving trauma aggravated by January blues.


Home-for-the-holidays can mean wherever “home” is now. If a move is needed, then go ahead and move – holidays or not. There’re lots of reasons why moving during the holidays can be positive: easier transition, less expensive, and more festivities than you can imagine.

Free Options Consultation

Still feeling unsure? Wondering which assisted living community is the best match for you or your loved one? You’re not alone. That’s why I offer a Free 1-hour consultation.

I was experiencing anxiety for my mom and what her future plans would be. I knew that the time was coming.

A friend from work recommended Jennifer and said I would be in good hands. I reached out to Jennifer and after talking with her felt so confident that this was the person I needed to help my mom make this transition.

Without Jennifer, I don't know how it would have worked.

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Karen O'Malley


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