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How to help elderly neighbors during a quarantine?

Helping elderly neighbor

How to Help Elderly Neighbors During a Quarantine?Last week Courtney wrote in to ask, “How can we help elderly neighbors during a Covid-19 quarantine?” First, let me say, “Thank You, Courtney for caring!”We’re all in this together, even if we’re not allowed to be within six feet of each other. Nee​d help?(503) 487-7245 Here are recommendations […]

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When to hire a geriatric case manager

hiker looking at map

Keep your sanity! When to hire a geriatric case manager Travel the hill-country called aging and soon you’ll find it fraught with confusion. So, if you care for an elderly loved one, it helps to have a guide – otherwise known as a geriatric case manager. They’re a map for all things aging. Find out what […]

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Advance Health and Pet Decisions

The Only Things Certain in this World…Taxes and Death. It makes sense then that Tax Day and National Health Care Decisions Day are back to back – 15th and 16th. We all know the importance of making health care decisions in advance of a serious illness or accident. But have you thought about what will […]

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5 Positive Reasons for Moving During the Holidays

Five Positive Reasons for Moving During the Holidays It’s common for families to “wait until after the holidays” to move their elderly loved one to assisted or supportive living. They say, “I just want mom to have one more holiday in her home.” I get it, there’s an overwhelming emotional attachment to the idea of home-for-the-holidays. […]

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