Find Your Inner Olympian

How To Tap Into Your Inner Olympian

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh! Have you caught the Olympic spirit yet? Imagine the struggles each athlete has overcome. The daily discipline required to even take part in the games. The intensity of competitions. It’s humbling and inspiring.

The Olympic Games happen every two years.

But true Olympians compete every day. I watch them. Right in my own neighborhood.

Every day I see older adults embody the Olympic spirit. They put in daily effort, overcome physical struggles, and refuse to give up. They find their inner Olympian.

  • I watch them push their walkers around the block and up the hill.
  • I see them, with leg braces strapped on, walking the dog.
  • I notice them showing up for chair exercise class and senior water aerobics.

These remarkable older adults are determined to maintain their mobility. Because mobility is freedom. They don’t quit despite rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathy, Parkinson’s, past strokes, and heart attacks.

Taping into your inner Olympian

Start with Mindset

Reevaluate the popular expectations of aging. Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting feeble. Check out this book, Growing Old Is Not For Sissies by Etta Clark. You’ll find 100 portraits and stories of senior athletes – many who took up sports in their golden years. “The book is a testament to the joy of physical activity.”  Get it on Amazon

Stay Inspired & Motivated

Doing the same old thing can get boring. If you take a brisk walk every day, great. But spice it up occasionally. Take a dance class at the senior center. Or convince a friend to try water aerobics with you. Get inspiration and motivation from Silver Sneakers. This program has exercises designed specifically for older adults.

Consider Training for the Senior Olympic Games

“It’s never too late to get into The Games.”

Already active and accomplished in a sport? Become a Senior Olympian. The Senior Games offer an exciting and rewarding option to go beyond basic exercise. The National Senior Games Association promotes health and wellness to people over 50.

Go for the Gold in Your Golden Years

Seniors today are defying stereotypes, limits, and conventional expectations. Somehow, they find the encouragement and inspiration to keep moving, stay active, and never quit – even when it’s far from easy. They’re true Olympians.

Do you know someone who would thrive in senior living? Please give my name and number. Thank you!

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